Travel House is the website of a small but experienced travel agency, providing excursions, theme tours, sightseeing and cultural heritage tours to individual travelers and organsed groups of tourists as well as for business trips and their support.
Our experience is gathered during the last sixteen years, and while this age sounds immature, in the dynamics of todays life it is based on many tours given to travelers from all around the world – there is hardly a country on the entie world we haven’t had customers from!
We mainly specialise on planning itineraries by request from indivudals – single travelers, families, small groups of friends or traveling buddies or groups of up to 16-17 persons where the true feeling of a properly given tour is much of a higher quality.
Of course we have a set of preliminary chosen itineraries which are based on the rich historical and cultural heritage Bulgaria has, as well as on travelers inquiries and popular places and sites in our country.

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